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      Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

      We are well recognized in the semiconductor industry as a quality and services oriented manufacturer. Being one of the well-known OEM, we have been producing various discrete signal /power and high power/voltage protection devices for semiconductor key players in the world with long history of excellent performance and quality awards in the past 20 years.

      We are now shipping over 15 billions devices each year, our commitment is to continue to add value to all our very important customers and building win-win partnership alliances by the application of our Zero Base Theory and continuous improvement approach.

      We will continue to serve our very valued customers better by the enforcement of our vision " Delight Customer Profitably."

      Looking forward to having an opportunity to serve you better!

      Sam Ng          
      Chairman, President & CEO

      HK office:
      Tel: 852 - 2334 1357
      Fax: 852 - 2764 1484

      China office:
      Tel: 86-660-337 5888
      Fax: 86-660-337 5329

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